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Life of Megs

Controversial Questions 1

Hey everyone. I've decided to start doing a series. I will ask a question on my social media, I will then write it up into an article & give my opinion also.

The first question is…

“If a man gets a woman pregnant and then leaves, should he legally have to pay a certain amount of money to help with costs of furniture?” (Cot, changing table, pram)


I got a LOT of responses to this question and most of them said 'Yes, he should pay.' There were many reasons for this. It takes two to tango so it should all be 50/50 whether the parents are together or not, whether the man leaves or not. Also, without the father figure there, the mother has more to do so the least the man can do is give some money towards furniture for a baby he played a role in creating. If he is mature enough to have sex, he is mature enough to be responsible for his actions and pay money to help.

I got an answer which is very confusing. “If he leaves because she was unfaithful, no he shouldn't have to pay, but if otherwise then yes he should.” Surely whether the woman is faithful or not, the baby is still his & he should help pay. To me, that doesn't make sense. I do not see the correlation.

On the other hand, I received some responses saying “No, he shouldn't have to pay.” There are also various amounts of reasons for this. Contraception can fail and the woman has the ability to back out of the pregnancy via abortion however a man can't unless the woman does. If the man does not want to be involved from day one then he shouldn't be legally bound to pay for a child he didn't want in the first place. I am also aware of women who do not want the mans money if they aren't to be involved.

Personally, I believe there should be an option. I think the woman should have to apply for the money & it should go to court for the reasons for the money. If she couldn't work or if her salary isn't enough, then she should be granted (if she wants the money) Whether the contraception fails or not, if a man/woman is mature & responsible enough to have sex then they should deal with the consequences as a TEAM. They put themselves in the position and they should deal with it together, whether it's money problems or an abortion.

I will be asking another question next week. It won't always be baby related. It can & will be various amounts of things.

Thank you if you contributed your opinion and thank you for reading this.